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Propelling Brands as Trusted Leaders

in the U.S. and Global Tech Markets

TECHMarket is an expert team of PR change-makers — thinkers, innovators,

creators, problem-solvers, and doers — collaboratively branding global

companies for discovery in the U.S. market and beyond. 

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Dedicated to partnering for the

lifetime of your company and career 

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Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, California



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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Jake Sorofman

Chief Marketing Officer, Visier

4x with TECHMarket, 15 years

“TECHMarket is a game-changer. 


The team has delivered an inspired combination of creativity, infrastructure and sheer work ethic that is unlike any agency I’ve worked with over the course of my career.


Unlike the glut of all-show and no-go PR agencies, Susan and team are entirely different. No excuses. No bait-and-switch tactics. No tired strategies and autopilot execution. I'm so impressed by the intelligence, integrity and energy that the TechMarket team gives to its clients. 

The results speak for themselves.”

Join us at TECHMarket! We are hiring the following team members:


– Account PR Executives lead strategy and media engagement

– Account PR Coordinators support client services


TECHMarket is an expert team of PR change makers — thinkers, innovators, creators, problem solvers and doers — collaboratively branding global companies for discovery in the US market and beyond. Founded in 1995, we are woman-owned and privately held. 

Reach out to me below with your interest or referrals.


Susan D'Elia, Founding CEO



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