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Brand Awareness

Brand Messaging

TECHMarket advocates for a truly integrated communications program that ensures your brand is launched and consistently promoted across all channels, to all constituencies. To reliably reach your audiences with the right messaging, TECHMarket studies the market trends and competitive landscape. We collaborate with product and program managers, sales and marketing, fundraising and philanthropy, and the executive team to create a strategic plan, message storyboards and pitch decks. 

Business Meeting
Our Services

Our immersive style of communications fosters the immediate, personal relationships prized in the media world. We go to uncommon lengths to put our client stories in front of the right people – from news reporters, feature writers and market analysts — to customers, partners and investors — to prospects, fundraisers, M&A and the general public.

Press Relations

Press Relations

Proactive and precision PR is the only way to do honest PR. Outcomes-driven — not activity-driven — we draw from a treasure chest of techniques to surgically create opportunities to promote your brand to your target market. Our scorecard aims to put your value proposition in front of 100% of your influencers. Looking inside out, we develop campaigns showcasing your product and event pipeline; looking outside in, we leverage market news and hot trends to draw you into relevant conversations. 

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Content is the lifeblood of your thought leadership program. To keep your brand top of mind, we ghostwrite new content – and reuse existing material – to produce a continuous flow of news, executive commentary, social media posts, website pages, brochures, case studies, market briefs, and e-books optimized for each audience. 


Content syndication (republishing) drives your brand into the marketplace by extending both reach and shelf life. We build relationships with content directors, build out channels, and methodically broadcast your content assets to all constituencies – consistently and reliably.

Analyst Relations

Analyst Relations

Market analysts provide third-party validation to the media world as well as a source of customer/partner referral for your company and products. They know the market trends and competitive landscape, so can be an invaluable sounding board for messaging and positioning. TECHMarket invests deeply in analyst relationships and arranges update briefings with them quarterly to biannually. 

Speakers Program

Speaker Placements

& Awards Program

Speaker placements and awards programs have always been an important 1:many strategy, but selection can often be rooted in a speaker’s track record and company sponsorship. In today’s magnified online market, the playing field is leveled, but competition is increasing as businesses capitalize on a growing virtual audience. TECHMarket aggressively pitches executive speakers for video interviews, webinars, virtual conferences, forums, and podcasts.


Awards, earned and paid, are an opportunity to proactively put a spotlight on recognition — products, services, projects, partners, customers, and employees. TECHMarket executes award placement programs to demonstrate market and industry leadership. We monitor industry opportunities and share them with clients for consideration and facilitate fulfilment. 

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