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About TECHMarket

TECHMarket, a privately held communications firm, has put 50+ technology companies on the map since its founding in 1995. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area at the heart of Silicon Valley, the TECHMarket team resides coast-to-coast and is constantly on the move serving clients worldwide in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Why TECHMarket?

Senior Experts


Every client account and every stage of the PR lifecycle is led by a senior expert, and the average tenure of our team members is 14 years. We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics for emerging and growth technology companies. We are equally adept at launching a stealth-mode startup as helping an established enterprise launch into a new market. We have been part of tremendous successes in the technology markets — IPOs, secondary offerings, mergers, acquisitions, funding, etc. We use that experience to your advantage by cross-pollinating resources and relationships.

Addicted to Outcomes


We are addicted to outcomes. Activity is boring, so we maintain a personal scorecard and we aim to exceed our own expectations for real outcomes as much as yours. From the get-go, we size up your competitive landscape and start positioning you to “get in the game” and then “lead the game.” We create and innovate to keep pace with the market. Nothing is ever the same -- from client to client -- from day to day -- so we pride ourselves on being relevant by continually creating and innovating to keep ahead of the market. 



Borrowing from Jim Kwik, we aspire to be limitless. Jim’s model tells as much about ourselves as our favorite clients. A Venn diagram depicts Mindshare, Motivation and Methods. Where the three overlap, you find Limitless. Very possibly, this is the root of our solid track record of client success. Creativity and ingenuity define the mindset. Assuming the visions and missions of our clients as our own defines our motivation. And our established and efficient processes behind the scenes define our methods. It works for us and you.


Agile and Resilient: OODA Loop

Agility and resilience is at the core of every member of the TECHMarket team. Over the past 25 years, we have launched clients on Wall Street following 9/11, rocketed others to IPOs and exits via M&A, while helping others thrive during the economic recession of 2007-2009. Without hesitation, today we are quickly pivoting to optimize client messaging and create a new normal during COVID-19. Borrowing John Boyd’s military tactic, we embrace the OODA Loop — Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. We have an ear to the ground and are quick on our toes — for your success and ours. 

Personalized Strategies


No strategy fits every company, so we draw from a deep artillery of experience to custom design strategies to meet your objectives. We thrive on solution-seeking and discovering new twists on old techniques, always keeping our strategies fresh and optimized with market conditions. And always ready to cross-pollinate across TECHMarket clients. One key strategy is running parallel tracks: one dependent on all your anticipated news and activity, and one with no dependencies whatsoever.  Why? Because we want to be in a position to keep your brand omnipresent in the media regardless of product delays, customer contracts, natural disasters and disruptions like COVID-19.

All Clients Come from Personal Referral


No sales team, no business development. All business comes to TECHMarket from personal referral. Nearly every current client can be rooted back to our first. This website is about as much self-promotion as you will see from TECHMarket. For 25 years, virtually 100% of our time, resources, attention, thinking and doing is dedicated to client work… and that’s the way we like it.  

Trusted Partners for a Lifetime


We are committed to our client companies for the long term, and more importantly, the long-term trusted partnerships we develop with the people behind the brands. Life is about steadfast relationships, and we invest heavily up front to ensure we exceed expectations. The result: repeat clients. Take a look at our testimonials and you will see people returning to TECHMarket multiple times (3-4-5-6x) with their newest ventures to launch, and we can’t wait to rock and roll again.

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